Honoring 9/11 Victims and First Responders: A Guide for Businesses

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For anyone living through loss and tragedy, the emotions and memories of this event may replay in their minds forever. The constant reminders around them of lost loved ones is often overwhelming even years later. Even though many support systems are already in place for the families of the 9/11 catastrophe, they could always use more help to ease the pain and sadness they feel. In honoring 9/11 victims and first responders, individuals can show support by preparing something special for this day.

Even companies have the opportunity of honoring 9/11 victims and first responders by sharing their most valuable asset — time. Continue reading here for a guide to doing just that.

1. Give Back to the Affected Families

Life after the incident has not been smooth sailing for most families who lost a member on that fateful day. Some of these families lost more than a loved one; some also lost the breadwinner of their families. The dreadful incident left them without proper care for their children, homes to live in, or food to eat. This is where companies like yours can make a difference.

Although the government has a compensation fund in place, there is a big hole to fill that the victims have in the hearts of their families. For more information on the fund, read full article here. Companies can choose to collect essential items for families in need or spend some time doing corporate volunteering, helping these families with activities they cannot normally do for themselves.

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2. Spend Some Time Remembering

People worldwide already adopted the practice of having a moment of silence or remembrance for the victims and first responders that lost their lives during the 9/11 incident. When this date comes up on the calendar, some view it with a sense of dread and would rather forget than remember.

As a company, honoring 9/11 means taking a few minutes together engaging in an activity to keep the memory of these brave souls alive. Take a moment of silence, dedicate a prayer, or do any other action that would be appropriate to commemorate the day.

3. Invite a Guest to Speak or Visit

Along with the many lives lost on the day, there were many survivors whose lives changed forever. Some survivors have a severe physical disability, but most have emotional trauma from the events.

Inviting them to recount their experiences and spending time with company employees helps everyone realize the event’s significance. Companies can honor these survivors and the memory of those lost by sharing the day with them.

4. Visit a Memorial or Event for the Day

People started hosting special events and memorials for 9/11 and invite others to join them. Businesses can decide which to attend collectively and close the office during that time.

The gift of giving time is worth so much to the families of these victims. They can witness the coming together of many people who care with gratitude. For businesses, their time is money, so it is one of the best ways to show support.


5. Raise a Flag at Half-Mast

Some companies have a company or country flag that they hoist up daily. To honor the families, friends, first responders, and anyone affected by the horrible tragedy, they can hoist these flags at half-mast on the day.

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This tradition is followed by many, including the military, hospitals, and other government-related facilities. People automatically know the meaning behind the flags hanging below their usual point on the flagpole.

6. Spread the Word Through Communications

Team members can remember the day through other minor acts like adding notices on the pin-up board, putting a line about it at the bottom of every email for the day, or wearing a red, blue, and white ribbon.

Similar items like a small badge are constant daily reminders as the team members interact with each other and their clients. Businesses can decide before the day how they want to spread the word and ask employees to participate in the activities for the day.

Honoring 9/11 Victims and First Responders: In Loving Memory

A lot of time has passed since the eleventh of September when the Twin Towers fell; for many, the day still seems unreal. The devastation it caused sent shivers up the spines of everyone watching in horror as the events unfolded.

Those who lost their lives will never be forgotten by those who loved them most, and companies can help keep their memories alive. Through small acts of kindness and observance, businesses help survivors move forward from the tragedy with the support they deserve.

No matter how small the contribution, it could mean the world to the ones left behind to pick up the pieces of their shattered world. So, when the time comes, ensure that your company sets aside time to honor the victims and the first responders. Whether they gave their lives so others could live or were going about their business for the day, they are all heroes to be remembered.

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