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Summer is here, a time of continued energy and productivity. With changing seasons, certain products will improve the home-based entrepreneur’s lifestyle. Home Business Magazine has put together a 2022 Summer Gift Guide on essential products that will improve functionality, output, and wellness for the home-based entrepreneur. Many of these gifts are also suitable for colleagues and acquaintances. Therefore, scroll down and look through this top-notch list of thirty seven wonderful summer gifts.

Photo Credit: Clixo

Summer Gift #1. Clixo, the STEAM Building Toy Designer Pack

First, Clixo the STEAM building toy is a unique, multisensory, magnetic building toy that can be built in both 2D and 3D unlocking everyone’s imagination and creativity. Instead of being rigid and geometric, Clixo is flexible, tactile, and reminiscent of the shapes we see in the natural world. With its stackable packing design and magnets keeping the pieces together with a click, Clixo is the perfect toy for everyone. It is travel-friendly, mess-free, screen-free, and eco-friendly. While Clixo is incredibly popular among kids, it is also a helpful fidget toy or work break tool for adults. When entrepreneurs working at home hit mental blocks and need things to help them get their creative juices flowing, Clixo provides an outlet to open up their minds and imaginations. The recently launched Designer Pack comes in sleek colors more tailored for an entrepreneur’s desk. Retail: $19.99. Visit https://clixo.com/product/designer-pack

ca-essentials usb headset summer gifts
Photo Credit: Cyber Acoustics

Summer Gift #2. CA Essentials USB Headset HS-2000

This professional-grade USB stereo headset is great for calls or music in the home office. It has many of the same features as the Jabra Evolve2 40, the Poly Blackwire 8225, and the Logitech Zone 750, but at a fraction of the price of any of these other models. Retail: $79.99. Visit https://www.cyberacoustics.com/hs2000.

ca-essentials webcam summer gifts
Photo Credit: Cyber Acoustics

Summer Gift #3. CA Essentials WC-3000 Zoom-certified Webcam

This 5.0MP camera includes omni-directional mics so you both look and sound clear. Zoom certification ensures it has passed a rigorous bar for image and lighting quality.

Retail: $59.99. Visit https://www.cyberacoustics.com/ca-essential-webcam-1080hd-wc-3000

ca-essentials speaker bar
Photo Credit: Cyber Acoustics

Summer Gift #4. CA-2890BT Speaker Bar/Speakerphone

This multi-purpose speaker is a great budget speakerphone and a good way to give your ears a break from headphones during meetings. It gets surprisingly loud for its small footprint, and its built-in clip can attach to most monitors for a clutter-free workspace. It can also stand alone. The CA-2890BT offers both USB (A or C via an included adapter) and Bluetooth 5.0. Retail: $29.99. Visit  https://www.cyberacoustics.com/ca2890bt

snapsnap scanner
Photo Credit: Fujitsu

Summer Gift #5. Fujitsu ScanSnap iXi1300 Scanner

The smart and ultra-compact ScanSnap iX1300 Scanner fits on any size desk, helping entrepreneurs to stay productive in their home offices or while working on the road. ScanSnap iX1300 features an innovative design that was built to empower users with faster, more convenient, Wi-Fi-enabled scanning in an even smaller operating footprint. As a result, it enables work in virtually any environment making it the perfect tool for small home offices or for digital nomads who travel light. Its features include: easy one-button scanning; a space-saving design; connectivity for Mac, PC, iOS, Android and mobile devices; an automatic document feeder and a manual feeder; and USB and Wi-Fi connectivity. Retail $299.99. Visit Amazon 

Photo Credit: QuinnryQuinnry

Summer Gift #6. QuinnryQuinnry Laptop Stand

The design of the QuinnryQuinnry Laptop Stand is specifically for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their productivity — no matter where they are working. With an ergonomic design that makes it easy to set up and take down, this stand will help you stay focused on what matters most: your business. Moreover, its flexibility adjusts the height and angle for perfect viewing. The laptop and tablet stand enhance airflow and effectively dissipate heat. It comes with non-slip silicon pad to prevent scratches on your laptop. Furthermore, it supports most devices from 10-17 inches: Macbook, ThinkPad, Surface, Chromebook, iPad Pro, etc. and is extremely easy to assemble! Simply unfold it when not using. Retail: $29.99. Visit https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Ergonomic-Portable-Foldable-Notebook/dp/B08RWHRRSK/

Photo Credit: Meticulous Skincare

Summer Gift #7. Meticulous Complete Bundle

Meticulous Skincare is a luxury skincare brand that uses best of class, whole food, plant-based ingredients to formulate high quality skincare products that provide truly efficacious results. Founded on the principles of quality and efficacy, science meets nature to become Meticulous Skincare. Ingredients include cannabinoids, red algae, blackcurrant, bakuchi, and arnica. Serial entrepreneur and master formulator, Scott Kanyok, founded Meticulous Skincare on the core principles he learned from creating health and wellness brand UB Super. For example, The Meticulous Complete Bundle includes the:

  • Advanced Hydrating Moisturizer | Product Details
  • Anti-Inflammatory Molecular Repair Cream | Product Details
  • Antioxidant Defense Serum | Product Details
  • Ultra-Lift Revitalizing Eye Cream | Product Details

Retail: $318.00. Visit the above links.

everlasting comfort cushion
Photo Credit: Everlasting Comfort

Summer Gift #8. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion for Office Chair

Create Everlasting Comfort in any room or home office space with luxury products that offer support and relaxation. Designed to make everyday life easier, Everlasting Comfort offers the highest quality products for every part of your home. From office chairs to humidifiers, shop Everlasting Comfort’s wide variety of home essentials. For example, enjoy the Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion for Office Chair that makes all environments cozy and puts you at ease. This cushion is made of 100% premium memory foam with an ergonomic u-shape. It offers back, leg, and hip pain relief and responds to body heat. Available in five colors. Retail: $49.95. Visit Amazon

Photo Credit: FEND

Summer Gift #9. FEND

Developed by Harvard scientist David Edwards, FEND produces a fine mist that keeps the body’s upper airways hydrated and clean. Users have reported improved breathing, less coughing, and reduced exercise-induced asthma. FEND won Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2020 and was recognized by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea in 2021 and during the Most Innovative Companies Summit this year. Founder David Edwards also recently spoke at CNN’s inaugural Life Itself conference, hosted by Sanjay Gupta and Marc Hodosh. FEND is German-engineered and beautifully designed by one of Apple’s early industrial engineers. The device is also sterile and free of preservatives and batteries. Each FEND mister lasts for a month with regular use (3 times per day). Retail: $28.99. Visit https://www.hellofend.com/

viter energy caffeine gum
Photo Credit: Viter Energy

Summer Gift #10. Viter Energy Caffeine Gum – 2 Flavor Sampler

Viter Energy Caffeine Gum is a great product for entrepreneurs who need more energy and fresh breath. The 2 Flavor Sampler offers Wintergreen and Cinnamon. Viter Energy Caffeine Gum has the following features: 60 mg caffeine per piece (2 pieces per pack); 1 piece is approximately 1 cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine; contains B Vitamins complex and guarana; is sugar-free with zero calories; and is gluten-free, aspartame-free, and vegan. Retail: $ 5.99. Visit https://www.goviter.com.

jps delights preserves
Photo Credit: JP’s Delights Preserves

Summer Gift #11. JP’s Delights Preserves

JP’s Delights creates all 82 different types of exotic, organic preserves like jams, jellies, chutneys, confits, conserves, fruit butters, marmalades, etc. In addition, the company has a jam of the month club and makes luxury gift baskets.  It also has a little single jam gift bag that includes a 1.5 oz jar of preserves and extra-large gift baskets in different options which include various sizes of jars of preserves, 2 types of crackers, 2 different kinds of cheese, a spreader knife, a bottle of wine, and either a small wooden cutting board, mixing bowl, cake pedestal, or a combination of all to keep your preparations and presentations simple.  We have something for every home-based entrepreneur. Retail: $5.00 – $125.00. Visit https://www.jpsdelights.com/

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simple leaf cbd
Photo Credit: Simple Leaf

Summer Gift #12. Simple Leaf CBD

Simple Leaf CBD is a premium organic hemp company based in Milwaukee, WI. All of its formulas start with USA grown premium organic hemp CBD and are expertly blended with powerful supportive ingredients like vitamins, herbs, adaptogens, and nootropics that help to achieve the desired effect. Current product offerings include:

  • CBD Capsule Focus + Energy (1200mg CBD)
  • CBD Capsule Mood Boost (1200mg CBD)
  • CBD Capsule Pain Relief (750mg CBD + 750mg CBG)
  • CBD Capsule Sleep Support (600mg CBD)
  • CBD Capsule Immune Boost (600mg CBD)
  • CBD Bath Bomb with Lavender and Eucalyptus (50mg CBD)
  • CBG Capsule (900mg CBG)
  • CBD Softgel (1500mg Full Spectrum CBD)

Retail: Prices vary. Visit  SimpleLeaf.com

gorilla bow
Photo Credit: Gorilla Bow

Summer Gift #13. The Original Gorilla Bow

Looking to get a full-body workout from your home office this summer? Gorilla Bow is a first-of-its-kind home gym system that offers between 10-300 pounds of resistance at your fingertips. The Original Gorilla Bow combines the fundamentals of an ancient bow with modern resistance band technology to give you a total body workout. Build muscle, lose weight, and tone — all while reducing joint stress. This total body home fitness system combines modern resistance training with a unique workout that improves your balance, reduces joint pain, tones and increases acceleration and speed, and builds muscle mass. Gorilla Bow is the complete, compact gym for cross-training and strength training. With Gorilla Bow, everyone can reach his or her individualized fitness goals at home, at the gym, or on the go. Retail: $199.99. Visit https://www.GorillaBow.com

karamd total body health bundle
Photo Credit: KaraMD®

Summer Gift #14.  KaraMD®’s Total Body Health Bundle

KaraMD offers a line of supplements focused on digestive support, heart health, and reducing inflammation as the gateway to overall health. Its  product bundles make the perfect gifts for hard working entrepreneurs. KaraMD caters to those who live a holistic health lifestyle and provides natural products to enhance wellness. Each bundle carefully pairs to highlight different aspects of health from a whole-body health approach at a discounted price rather than getting each item individually.  There are five bundles available online that target different aspects of health. One such bundle is the Total Body Health Bundle. Retail: $91.84. Visit KaraMD.com website and Amazon

NUFABRX knee sleeve
Photo Credit: NUFABRX

Summer Gift #15. NUFABRX | Pain Relief Knee Compression Sleeve

A perfect wellness product for any entrepreneur, NUFABRX relieves aches and pains with their revolutionary and patented pain relieving compression wear.  The brand-new technology infuses pain relieving medicine, Capsaicin (Nonivamide), into the fabric for a programmed time-release delivery to the skin.  This enables the compression sleeve to enhance patient compliance of medications, actively sooth painful muscles, and improve recovery.  Providing all day relief (the compression wear can be worn up to 150 hours) and lasting through 15+ wash cycles, the patented technology is activated by body temperature and moisture so you can feel it working. Perfect for use in the home office, NUFABRX relieves symptoms of knee soreness and aches and pains for tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and calf strain. Retail: $16.98. Visit http://www.nufabrx.com

sunmed mango cbd vegan gummies
Photo Credit: SUNMED

Summer Gift #16. SUNMED|Your CBD Store Daytime Mango Vegan Gummies

Three o’clock begins to roll around in the entrepreneurial workday and suddenly your attention span slows down, enthusiasm begins to fade, and your to-do lists seem endless. Not even the biggest cup of coffee helps.  Afternoon slumps are that of your past with SUNMED|Your CBD Store Daytime Mango Vegan Gummies. Take one gummy in the morning and another mid afternoon for natural pick-me-ups that give entrepreneurs the energy to tackle the rest of their days effortlessly.  SUNMED understands entrepreneurs have long exhausting days. Daytime Mango Vegan Gummies are infused with an important hemp-derived minor phytocompound. The exciting formula features invigorating properties to support you in a purposeful day. Retail $70.00. Visit https://www.getsunmed.com/2241038.html?cgid=edibles

rias lavender whipped shea butter
Photo Credit: Marie Davis, Founder/CEO, Salisbury, NC

Summer Gift #17. Ria’s Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

Ria’s Beauty Collection specializes in skincare and haircare products for those experiencing difficulties with skin and hair issues. The collection’s Lavender Whipped Shea Butter is an excellent moisturizer that repairs, revitalizes, and restores moisture to various skin conditions. The product assists in eliminating stress and anxiety and improves sleep. It is great for relaxation, massages, spas, and baths/showers.  It is handmade, natural, and unrefined. Moreover, it has the best quality ingredients for everyone: raw shea butter, olive oil, and essential oil. This would be very beneficial for the home-based entrepreneur to use before going to work to ease the mind, and after a long hard day at work to relax the body and to relieve stress. Retail: $24.00. Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/riasbeautycollection

djeep pocket lighters
Photo Credit: DJEEP

Summer Gift #18.  DJEEP Pocket Lighters

BIC recently announced US expansion of the Djeep brand with four new designer collections. Each 4-count collection of pocket lighters features modern, textured, colorful designs. Thanks to its three-tank fuel system, DJEEP lighters have a long life and last up to 3,500 lights. The pure isobutane fuel inside each DJEEP pocket lighter makes a steady flame that adjusts with the setting ring. This helps improve the lighter’s fuel economy and ensures getting the right flame every time. Each of the new Djeep lighter collections boasts a distinctive look:

  • The marble-themed Elegant series for your coffee table or island;
  • Whimsical floral graphics of the Vibrant series;
  • The sophisticated yet understated metallic pallet of the Bold series; and
  • The pop color Limited Edition series.

Retail: $15.99 for 4-Count Pack. Visit Amazon

seraphina essence candle
Photo Credit: Seraphina Candles

Summer Gift #19. Seraphina Essence Candle

The Seraphina Essence Candle by Seraphina Candles is the perfect addition to any home-based workspace to promote continued energy and productivity while creating a soothing and relaxing environment.  Made from sustainable and organic beeswax and essential oils, this candle burns longer and brighter than other wax-based candles. The higher melting point of beeswax makes the candle burn for much longer. The essential oils in this candle include gardenia, sandalwood, rose and bergamot. Sandalwood has a reputation for promoting mental clarity and relaxation that improve productivity during the entrepreneur’s workday. Retail: $12.00. Visit www.seraphinacandles.com

radiant rhino shower steamers
Photo Credit: The Radiant Rhino

Summer Gift #20. The Radiant Rhino Shower Steamers

The Radiant Rhino Shower Steamers are like bath bombs but for the shower. Unlike bath bombs, there are no lengthy set-ups or messy cleanups, and they get an entrepreneur from stressed to pampered in minutes. The Radiant Rhino Shower Steamers make amazing gifts for entrepreneurs who are usually pressed for time. For entrepreneurs working from home, shower steamers have offered quick ways to unwind at the end of busy, stressful days. The lavender scent helps with relaxation and falling asleep. The Radiant Rhino Shower Steamers are made in the U.S.A. with clean ingredients and essential oils. They transform a shower into a luxurious spa. Retail: $24.99. Visit  https://theradiantrhino.com/ and https://www..amazon.com/dp/B095XG2YRW

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magic weighted blanket
Photo Credit: Magic Weighted Blanket

Summer Gift #21. Luxurious Chenille Magic Weighted Blankets for Adults

Magic Weighted Blanket is the original weighted blanket company that has helped people get better nights’ sleeps for over 24 years.  Its Magic Weighted Blankets are designed with a pocketed inner liner to evenly distribute the weight across the entire body, creating the sensation of being hugged by a blanket.  This hugging sensation is known as Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), and research has shown that weighted blankets can help everyone ― even people with anxiety, autism, PTSD, and sensory processing disorders ― relax and fall asleep more easily.  The Super Soft and Luxurious Chenille weighted blankets are the comfiest on the market. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, are known for both softness and durability, and are made in the USA. Retail: $ 190.00 – $260. Visit www.magicweightedblanket.com

nomad base one max magsafe charger
Photo Credit: Nomad

Summer Gift #22. Base One Max MagSafe Charger

Nomad has some great wireless chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch that are really a step above the rest and perfect gifts for the home office (or bedside table). For example, Base One Max delivers official MFi MagSafe charging at up to 15W with a weighted metal body and an elevated glass panel designed to complement any space. Its features include: official MFi MagSafe charging; up to 15W wireless charging speed; the ability to work with any Qi device and Apple Watch; solid metal and glass design; and a soft touch Apple Watch charging base. In addition, they are available in Carbide , Silver, and Gold – Limited Edition styles. Retail: $149.95. Visit nomadgoods.com

confetti snacks
Photo Credit: Confetti Snacks

Summer Gift #23. Confetti Snacks

“Confetti Snacks” are a new line of veggie chips that ditch the deep fryer but deliver nutrients, crunch, color, and flavor galore. Founder Betty Lu (an entrepreneur from Singapore) was frustrated in her search for a healthy, great-tasting, but lightweight snack to fuel her backpacking adventures.  She found the answer in “ugly vegetables.” Betty Lu decided to upscale them, slice them up, and then transform them into Confetti Snacks. Because Confetti Snacks are minimally processed and baked using a low heat method, the nutrients — and the beautiful colors of the vegetables in the mix ― remain vibrant.  Flavors include Green Curry, Tandoori Curry, Teriyaki BBQ, and Summer Truffle. Retail: $32 for 6-pack. Visit https://us.confettisnacks.com/

wild lotus pina colada cbd
Photo Credit: Wild Lotus

Summer Gift #24. Wild Lotus LIT-NRG D8-THC Piña Colada CBD Oil 6-Pack

Led by life coach Susanne McDonald, Wild Lotus offers unparalleled wellness products infused with CBD and their unique blends to aid in stress management and pain relief for the entrepreneur. Its collection, which includes topical, oil extracts, drinks, and gummies, highlight the therapeutic benefits of plant-based ingredients and full-spectrum hemp. Wild Lotus LIT-NRG D8-THC Piña Colada CBD oil is a combination of D8 THC Hemp Cannabinoids and a very specific blend of herbs, adaptogens and energizers. This combination is designed to offer natural support to help people feel energized and calm. Retail: $35.95. Use code “LIT10” at checkout and SAVE $10. Visit https://getwildlotus.com

30W USB-C Power Adapter
Photo Credit: Nomad

Summer Gift #25. 30W USB-C Power Adapter

Nomad has some great wireless chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch that are really a step above the rest and a perfect gift for the home office (or bedside table). For example, 30W USB-C Power Adapter provides 10W more power than the 20W USB-C Power Adapter without any size increase. By packing the extra power output into this already small package, charging on the go got even easier. Small enough to bring with you when you are on the move, this stylish adapter blends in whether you are at home, the coffee shop, the airport, or wherever else you may wander. The 30W USB-C Power Adapter can charge MacBook Air. It is available with the following Power Output: 20W,  30W, and 65W. Retail: $29.95. Visit nomadgoods.com

Pleasant Dreamz Positive Affirmation Pillowcases
Photo Credit: Keeping it Positive

Summer Gift #26. Pleasant Dreamz Positive Affirmation Pillowcases

Pleasant Dreamz Positive Affirmation Pillowcases from the company, Keeping it Positive, are not what you think they are. They are changing lives with our inspiring messages. These Standard Size 20″x30″ Pillowcases are made of 100% cotton / 300 thread count. In addition, they are printed in non-toxic water-based ink. Pleasant Dreamz Positive Affirmation Pillowcases are a MUST for transforming an entrepreneur’s life, developing a positive self-image, and rewiring the brain. They come in blue, pink, purple, and green colors. Retail $19.95. Visit www.keepingitpositive.net

puffer hug
Photo Credit: Puffer Hug®

Summer Gift #27. Puffer Hug®

Made with love by Gigi Seasons, the Puffer Hug® is more than just a fashion accessory. It is a cozy wrap with deep outer pockets. In addition, it is designed to feel like a warm hug from your favorite person. Worn as a scarf or folded over and draped down your chest, the Puffer Hug delivers extra style and warmth all year-round. Whether you are in the home office or relaxing at home, Puffer Hug  keeps you extra warm. It is lightweight, and it is a perfect travel accessory for entrepreneurs and people on the go in any season. Puffer Hugs are also perfect for company gifts and promo. Puffer Hug® is featured on Oprah Daily’s & O Quarterly’s O-List – including the top picks of the year. Retail: $49.99. Visit https://originalpufferhug.com/products/

Mānuka Honey MGO 50+
Photo Credit: Manukora

Summer Gift #28. Mānuka Honey MGO 50+

Manukora, founded by Michael Bell, is a high-growth, purpose-led Mānuka Honey company. It sources potent raw Mānuka from some of New Zealand’s most remote regions and seeks new ways to use it. Manukora produces delicious raw mānuka honey. Each jar is 100% traceable with high levels of MGO, associated with antibacterial activity. In addition to having antibacterial properties, this superfood also has been known to produce antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. Entrepreneurs can put one heaping teaspoon on their toast, in their tea, or in their yogurt each morning. It is also delicious straight off the spoon! Start your Manuka Honey journey with Mānuka Honey Mgo 50+. Retail: $15. Visit https://manukora.com/

RDCL Superfoods Super Cocoa
Photo Credit: RDCL Superfoods

Summer Gift #29. RDCL Superfoods Super Cocoa and Radical Elements Superfood Blends

Cocoa is trading up to a healthy, vitamin-packed delight, thanks to the new vegan brand founded by Donny Makower of RDCL Superfoods. RDCL (pronounced “radical”) gives ordinary drinks new “superpowers” with all plant-based ingredients and zero added sugar, all while making them healthier, tastier, more ethical, and sustainable. Blend Super Cocoa powder with your favorite milk option to make a delicious drink or smoothie. Its ingredients include pea protein, ancient grains and seeds, and greens to make it healthy. Radical Elements Superfood Blends, also founded by Donny Makower, are powdered boosts that are simply mixed into water. As a result, they create functional beverages with immunity support and other benefits.  For example, Passion Fruit helps boost focus and energy, and Dragon Fruit Superberry helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Ingredients include a blend of antioxidant superfruits, hydrating coconut water, vitamins, minerals and botanicals. Retail: Starting at $27.  Visit https://rdclsuperfoods.com/

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freshe premier protein variety pack
Photo Credit: Freshé

Summer Gift #30. Premier Protein Variety Pack by Freshé

From the coastlines of Portugal and Spain, Freshé brings an old European tradition of artisanal tinned meals to the American shore. The ready-to-eat, globally inspired small meals are made up of simple ingredients. In addition, they include vibrant superfoods and sustainably sourced protein (salmon or tuna) infused with olive oil and savory herbs and spices. Freshé Meals are small, convenient, shelf stable for up to four years, BPA-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and guilt-free. Enjoy them right out of the can. In addition, use as salad toppers and in recipes. The tasty meal selections include Sicilian Caponata, Provence Nicoise, Aztec Ensalada, Thai Sriracha, Moroccan Tagine, and Barcelona Escalivada. Retail: $17.99. Visit https://freshemeals.com/

grumpy octopus
Photo Credit: The Grumpy Octopus

Summer Gift #31. Grumpy Octopus

This may just be the most relatable stuffed animal out there. This is the Grumpy Octopus. Wherever you place him, he will sit there and judge you. However, how could you not love this face? This joyous bundle of negativity will bring laughter to entrepreneurs, their friends, and their families. It is a perfect gift for loved ones on any occasion. Retail: $27.50. Visit www.thegrumpyoctopus.com

bare performance nutrition strong greens
Photo Credit: Bare Performance Nutrition

Summer Gift #32. Bare Performance Nutrition Strong Reds and Strong Greens

Bare Performance Nutrition, founded by Nick Bare, creates high-quality supplements. Strong Reds are made of superfood reds powder full of fruit extracts, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to support the immune system, improve natural energy, and increase nutrient absorption. In addition, they are packed with antioxidants and powerful fruit extracts to boost cellular optimization and natural energy levels. In addition, Strong Greens are superfood greens powder to improve digestion, support the immune system, and increase natural energy. They have essential ingredients like wheat grass, beet juice powder, coconut water powder, chlorella, turmeric, and ashwagandha. Therefore, you can improve your natural energy, mood, and digestive system. Retail: $39.99. Visit https://www.bareperformancenutrition.com/

Superio Brand Acanalda Bins and Organizers
Photo Credit: Superio Brand

Summer Gift #33. Superio Brand Acanalda Bins and Organizers

Superio Brand provides you with the organization tools to complete everyday chores with luxury. Superio® designs and manufactures products that do not just enable, but also empower. The new Acanalda Bins and Organizers are the ultimate in organization gadgets for entrepreneurs. The classy, ribbed design sets its elegance and enhances shelves and closets with utmost sophistication and luxury. Matching hampers, laundry baskets, and bathroom sets will soon join its splendor. These storage baskets are suitable for storing any item you want. Whether you are looking to organize your living room, laundry room, playroom, or home office, ribbed organizer storage bins are a perfect solution. Retail: $4.99 to $39.00. Visit https://www.superiobrand.com 

Freedom All-Natural Deodorant
Photo Credit: Freedom Deodorant

Summer Gift #34. Freedom All-Natural Deodorant

One swipe of Freedom All-Natural Deodorant allows entrepreneurs to walk around stress-free and stink-free for 24 hours. Moreover, their armpits will smell like lavender, coconuts, and lemons. Made with all-natural ingredients and zero chemicals or aluminum, it is one of the healthiest deodorants you can find. Its features include four luxurious scents: Magic Lavender, Coco-Van, Black Rose and Berg-E-Mint. In addition, there is an unscented variety. Freedom All-Natural Deodorant is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. It contains no aluminum, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. Freedom was originally formulated to help breast cancer patients who need to use all-natural ingredients during chemotherapy. Retail: $16.99. Visit https://freedomdeodorant.com/

Artistscent Candles
Photo Credit: Artistscent

Summer Gift #35. Artistscent Candles

Give your entrepreneur something totally different and more meaningful than just a practical gift. Artistscent candles perfectly blend expertly crafted fragrances with original art to create an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. With every light of the wick, Artistscent is doing more than providing nice-smelling candles. The company partnered with talented artists to design a scent profile that not only reflects the art printed onto each glass jar, but the feelings that inspired each piece. Collections include the Soul Flame – Elizabeth Karlson Collection, the Evergreen Shore – Elizabeth Karlson Collection, and the Under Construction II – Ronnie Queenan Collection. Retail: $38. Visit https://artistscent.com/

Bearback Ultimate Self-Care Bundle
Photo Credit: Bearback

Summer Gift #36. Bearback Ultimate Self-Care Bundle

Do not struggle with back and body self-care.  Bearback puts it all within reach and helps solve your back and body therapeutic care needs. The Bearback Ultimate Self-Care Bundle includes a gorgeous matte black bearback handle with all four bearback attachments. As a result, you practice self-care at home and in the home office with ease and style. Enjoy gentle skin invigorating bliss with the Scratcher.  Secondly, easily apply lotions, medications, and sunscreen with the Lotion Roller.  Thirdly, roll away muscle tension with the Massage Roller.  Finally, enjoy softer and smoother skin by brushing away dull flaky skin cells with the Dry Brush.  All attachments can be effortlessly swapped. In addition, bundles come in black, navy, and teal colors. Retail: $41.97. Visit https://getbearback.com/

uzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit
Photo Credit: Cuzen Matcha

Summer Gift #37. Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit

Lastly, The Matcha Maker Starter Kit comes with everything you need to make authentic matcha at home. The machine is designed to store, grind and whisk the company’s organic leaves for the highest-quality matcha. The kit includes three, 4 gram-packets of our Matcha Leaf Blends so you can sample each one before subscribing or purchasing more. Moreover, the kit includes a booklet with operating instructions, tips, farm information, and recipes to get you started on a daily ritual of freshly ground matcha. Using the Matcha Maker easily ensures you are getting the best available matcha for your latte or other matcha recipe. In addition, it is high in antioxidant and provides sustained energy and focus. Retail: $299.00. Visit https://cuzenmatcha.com/products/matcha-maker-starter-kit

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