Business Storage in Calgary: 6 Tips to Store Your Items for Maximum Space

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Do you dread working in your cramped office? Are things all over the place, disorganized and distracting? It’s no way to spend your days, considering you most likely spend most hours in the office.

One of the causes of cramped offices is the lack of adequate space. The solution is working on your office storage. Below are some tips to guide you on business storage for the maximum use of space.

1. Invest in Storage Solutions

The lack of proper storage solutions makes you place items haphazardly without order. There are storage solutions that can make the process easier and more organized.

Storage boxes are great storage solutions. They come in various sizes and shapes, and you’re sure to find the ideal one for the items you want to store. It’s best to label them for easy retrieval of what you need.

If your office space isn’t large enough to store all your items, consider investing in business storage in Calgary. There are units for sale and for lease. Choose one big enough to store what you have while factoring in the need for storage space in the future.

2. Reduce Aisle Spaces

Warehouses are one of the solutions some businesses have adopted, especially those handling many goods at once. These warehouses use aisles of racking systems for storage.

The disadvantage of this arrangement style is that there tends to be a lot of space between the aisles, which wastes floor space. Therefore, it’d help to reduce the width between the storage isles.

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Knowing the square footage of your warehouse or storage room will help you know the width to adopt. Be sure to factor in traffic flow and room for box retrieval from the aisles.

3. Adopt Vertical Storage

Most businesses adopt horizontal storage, leaving vertical spaces empty. Don’t fall victim to the same. Instead, maximize your vertical storage.

Do this by building shelves on your walls, leaving enough space in between for storage. Alternatively, adopt stacking as a storage solution. You’ll place storage boxes on top of each other, utilizing the ceiling height to the maximum.

As you adopt vertical storage, it’s crucial to set up ladders for accessing the boxes and shelves at the top. You want to avoid accidents during retrieval.


4. Add a Mezzanine Floor

In some situations, your office floor space might be small, and you can’t seek off-site storage solutions. In this case, it’d help to add a mezzanine floor. This floor adds more storage space to your business.

By definition, a mezzanine floor is one between two floors. It’s an ideal storage solution, especially with a tall ceiling height. All you require to do is find a suitable height to build it. It doesn’t have to be half the ceiling height; you can have it in a corner. The choice highly depends on preference.

As you adopt a mezzanine floor, ensure you consider its load-bearing capacity. It should be able to hold the weight of the items you’ll store on it. Ensure you add enough columns and beams of the right size. It’d help to have a qualified contractor build this floor for you.

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5. Use Under-Utilized Spaces

Like in most homes, there are spaces you aren’t using. These can double as storage space instead of them lying bare.

These spaces differ from office to office but include the area below the staircase, countertops, bottom of storage shelves, and area around the office refrigerator.

It helps to add shelves in these spaces, whose length depends on the available space. Where adding shelves isn’t an option, adopt vertical stacking.

6. Reduce the Size of Your Furniture

Businesses invest in many resources like furniture to provide a conducive environment for workers to fulfill their responsibilities. This furniture includes working desks, office, and lounge chairs.

Although functional, office furniture may occupy a lot of space, especially larger and bulkier kinds. It’s best to reduce the size of the furniture to maximize space. Evaluate each and identify the right size, considering the needs of your workers. Your workers can give you valuable feedback on what works for them in their daily routines.

After reducing the size of the furniture, you’ll have a lot of business storage space.


Business storage is crucial in not only keeping company documents and assets safe but also making the office look presentable to clients. With this in mind, the discussion above gives tips to maximize space for better business storage. Implement these tips to improve your storage system.

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