5 Trade Show Ideas to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

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While digital marketing strategies are taking the world by storm today, many marketers and business experts continue to follow conventional marketing methods. For instance, some businesses still hold trade shows and remain effective in promoting their business. This can be an excellent example for both small and large corporations to continue leveraging trade show marketing and promotional events for business growth.

If you are running a business and it is your first time participating in a trade show, making preparations as early as possible is important. Generating unique and brilliant ideas can be made possible when everyone on your team has the luxury of time. On the contrary, planning your trade show event in a rush could lead to adverse results.

To help you get started, consider the following tips and tricks to promote your business at your first trade show.

1. Sponsor the Giveaway Bag

One of the best ways to sponsor a conference to promote your business is to sponsor the giveaway bag that everyone else’s giveaways are carried within. This provides maximum exposure, as everyone walking around the venue will carry it, exposing your logo to many people at once. Trusted providers like Steel City offer customization of your bags, including the material and design, and printing your logo on it.

2. Secure the Best Spot or Location

In many brick-and-mortar stores, business owners often prioritize their location, which can easily make or break the business. The same theory applies to your trade show location. Find a spot that is effective in reaching out to your prospects and customers better. If possible, choose an area where there’s high foot traffic.

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Also, your booth will be at a distinct advantage if you place it near exits, entrances, and other ways where attendees pass often. Because of your location, your booth will naturally get attention. The best way to land the best booth in the trade show is to book with the organizer as early as possible. Visit the actual venue or check the layout plan. Determine what booth size works best for your brand.


3. Promote Your Trade Show on Social Media

Attending and participating in these trade show events can significantly impact your business. After all, this is the best opportunity to generate leads, grow brand awareness, and close sales. However, promoting the event should start ahead of time.

When your business attends or participates in a trade show, you can leverage social media marketing to invite more people to the event to check your booth. You can make an announcement on your social media accounts that your brand will attend a trade show. By doing this, you are already boosting your brand awareness.

Check out the following strategies to apply when combining social media marketing with trade shows:

  • Hashtags

Nearly every event in this day and age has its own hashtag that attendees can use to share content on social media. Use this to your advantage and let the event’s hashtag trend on various social platforms. Your audience will be able to find you and know more about the event easily through hashtags. Make it a habit to post the hashtag along with your ads and content, and encourage your followers and customers to do the same.

  • Landing Page

Link your website to your social media posts. Make a landing page on your website that’s intended for your audience to sign up and get more information about the trade show event. Aside from generating leads this way, it also allows you to measure your social media marketing effectiveness.

  • Share or Repost

Another effective way to use social media in promoting your trade show event is to repost or share the content of your followers and customers. As they post pictures of the event or your booth, share their posts on your accounts, which can effectively grow awareness and interest from other people.

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4. Make Your Booth Unique and Attractive

Human attention spans are very short, so it’s ideal for making your booth as attention-grabbing as possible. Trade show booths that are attractive are more likely to attract potential customers. Hence, you must find ways to make your booth stand out.

Assess what visual elements would appeal to your prospects. Include more images than words, and create an Instagram-worthy area or wall where people can take photos and post them on their socials. Remember that your ultimate goal is to get noticed.

5. Train Your Employees

Trade shows mean more prospects, and customers would want to get to know more about your brand and products. Anticipate questions from attendees and train your employees to be knowledgeable in handling such queries. It would be great to hold a training where employees will learn the nitty-gritty details of your business. This will help them handle customer questions successfully.

All your trade show team members should be experts in your company and product. Ensure delegating the right staff to the event. Hire employees who are approachable, friendly, and cheerful. After all, in addition to selling, you want to establish mutually beneficial relationships.


Getting noticed at a trade show takes planning and hard work. Therefore, planning early and devising the right trade show strategies are important. Fortunately, the list above is an excellent and effective way to promote your business. Since it’s your first trade show, it’s only natural to go above and beyond your means to make it fruitful and successful.

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